Monday, February 20, 2017

Day 1915 - Fist Fight

So, rather than get off my proverbial butt and write about what my favorite films of 2016 were, I have decided to write a review of the mediocre film, Fist Fight starring Ice Cube and Charlie Day.  I really know how to play to my audience don't I? 

I suppose I should really write about why I wanted to see this movie in the first place.  I mean, c'mon.  It looks like a pretty stupid movie, right?  But when I saw the trailer a few months ago, it immediately caught my eye because it's essentially the same plot as one of those movies that I have seen many, many times - Three O'Clock High.  The plot of Three O'Clock High is that nebbish Jerry Mitchell is told that he's going to fight monstrous Buddy Revell after school at 3 o'clock, and he does everything he can to get out of it.  Whelp, same story, different characters.  Nebbish Andy Campbell (Charlie Day, in a role that is becoming tailor made for him) is told by seriously imposing Strickland (seriously imposing Ice Cube) that they're going to fight at 3 o'clock.  And then Charlie Day tries to get out of it. 

I love Three O'Clock High.  I think that besides being a little slight on story and plot, it more than makes up for it in direction, cinematography, and attitude.  Fist Fight doesn't have any of that going for it.  What it does have is mildly amusing moments and a really impressive final fight.  Really, the fight at the end is what makes the movie worth watching.  It's incredibly visceral, has more sustained laughs than most of the rest of the film, and actually drives home the point it wants to make.  But, ultimately, the film is tremendously derivative.  I don't think I would have minded as much if there was some sort of acknowledgement of what had come before.  A cameo, a thank you, something.  But instead, we get nothing. 

It was a pleasant enough diversion.  Nothing more.  But if you haven't seen Three O'clock High, I would highly recommend that over this.  It was simply so much more "fun."