Monday, February 16, 2015

Day 1172 - Grrrr

If Michael McKean weren't on Better Call Saul I'm not sure I'd be watching it.  I watched the very first episode of Breaking Bad and that was it, so I have no vested interest in any of the characters.  But having Mr. Green from Clue being a supporting character on a show is reason enough for me to give it a few episodes. 

But this is really just me putting off writing what I really want to write which is - I like my car.  I don't love it, like some people love their cars.  I appreciate it as a tool that gets me from one place to another, and that's about it.  That being said, I get sad when it stops working, which is what it's doing right now.  I took it to one place, and they couldn't find out what was wrong, but they got the engine light to turn off.  But two days later, it came on again.  So, now I've brought it to a second place, and they've experienced the same consternation. They don't know what's wrong and they're keeping it overnight.  My dad said I shouldn't worry about it, because there's nothing I can do, and he's right.  But knowing that my car has a supposedly "mystery" problem does nothing to assuage my mind.  And I have to guess "mystery" problems aren't cheap.  Yay.

I don't like writing about stuff here that isn't funny or pop culture related, but I've also tried to keep writing on a semi-regular basis.  However, since I always seem to post these blogs late at night, there's only a handful of you who will actually read this, so my whining shouldn't be that intrusive.

And episode 3 of Better Call Saul was good enough for me to keep watching.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Day 1164 - Jeff Daniels, King Dork, and seafood.

Couple o' things tonight, which is funny, because I'm fighting off a headache that just wants to put me to bed.

In my wallet I keep a list of books that I keep an eye out for, either at the library or used bookstores.  One of those books was "King Dork" by Frank Portman.  I've had that book written down for probably 8 years and have never found it... until a week and a half ago.  Apparently I never thought to look in the young adult section for it until then.  When I started reading it, I thought to myself, " I wonder if this book will live up to 8 years of expectations?"  And as I finished it, I thought, "It absolutely lived up to my expectations."  I can't wait to buy it (now that I know where the bookstores will keep it) and put it on my bookshelf.  What scares me now, is the sequel which just came out.  Will that be as good as the book I just read, which really didn't seem like it needed a sequel.  (But I'm going to read it anyway.)

I saw Jeff Daniels play some folksy, bluegrass music last Saturday at The Music Box Supper Club.  He was backed up by his son's band, the Ben Daniels Band.  He was charming, told some great stories, sand really well, and was way more musically inclined than I thought he was going to be.  I had read an article saying that he was coming to town, and I decided to drop in and buy a ticket (I'm not good with buying things online).  When I got to the venue, the lady there informed me that the show had sold out... but, hey, these two ladies haven't picked up their tickets yet and I could have one of those.  Things were coming up Milhouse.  Since it was a Supper Club, I was going to get some food.  My personal two options were the Angus Burger (which the guy next to me got and looked pretty good) or the Seafood Appetizer Trio.  I opted for the seafood since I love (love) seafood.  Until that night, I had never had bad seafood.  Now I know what bad seafood tastes like.  It was, by far, the worst I ever had.  The shrimp tasted funny, the calamari had really flaky breading that overwhelmed everything, and the perch was the best thing about the meal, but there were so many bones in them that I was scared to keep eating.  It was one of the weirdest experiences, because the concert was so good, yet the food was so bad.  But, I really am happy that I now have a bar set for the worst seafood ever.

And I really should listen to my body (which prevented me from doing just about everything that I wanted to do today) and go to bed.