Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 246 San Diego Comic Con (Day 1)

Thursday - the first official day of the show.  The very first thing I wanted to get was autographs from the cast of Archer.  My chance for those autographs were in the same line as the Wilfred cast.  What the companies have done this year is to make everything much more reliant on luck.  You get in a line, and when you get to the front, you reach in a bag or a box, pull out a ticket, and hope that it's a "magic" ticket that has a special stamp on the back.  A blank ticket means you lose, and one that has a stamp on the back means you get to meet the cast.  I failed on Archer and I failed on Wilfred.  My ticket picking skills are not too good.
However, about an hour later they were doing the line for an Elementary signing, so I got in line (about 70 people back).  Well, the guys who were in charge of this line had no real idea of what they were going to do, which worked out well for me, as the person in charge just started handing out tickets to the signing to the first 200 people.  So I said "Hi" to Johnny Lee Miller and got to tell Lucy Liu that I really liked her in Lucky Number Slevin (to which she said "Thanks.  It was a good movie.").
After that, it was a crush of comic writers and artists, as I got to meet, Jeff Lemiere, Jeffrey Brown (really, an incredibly nice guy - if you get a chance to say "Hi" to him,  I really encourage it), Jaime Hernandez (I don't know if I've met someone as happy to be involved in this industry as he seems to be), Gabriel Ba, Trina Robbins, and Kate Beaton (who I had sign my Hark, a Vagrant hardcover - one of the silliest, smartest and funniest comics I read. And I'd like another hardcover collection soon, too, please.  Here's her website )
One of my current favorite comics is called Chew.  It's written by John Layman and drawn by Rob Guillory, and I brought the first two hardcovers with me, and one of the coolest things I now own is signed copies of them.  Rob drew a sketch of Tony in the first hardcover for me, but the coolest thing is the sketch of the chog in the second hardcover (and for those of you who don't know, a chog is a genetically created chicken and frog creation).  It's pretty awesome.
So, Thursday is usually the day I try to get a pass to a free movie screening, and I got a ticket for a flick called Hit and Run.  But, as with all those preview films, it's first come, first served, and the line for the movie was looooong.  So, I didn't get in.  As a consolation prize, they handed out t-shirts for the women, and wigs(?!) for the guys.
The next day (Friday) was when things got crazy.

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