Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 666 (oooh, scary!) - The best films I've seen in 2013 - so far (Part one)

For all the hotly anticipated films that were supposed to come out this year, my favorites (with a couple of exceptions) have been some of the smaller films that have been critical hits, but maybe not seen by everyone.

I figure, why not start with a couple documentaries (I mean, nothing's gonna get people to read this like reading about movies they'll probably never watch in the first place. Right? Right?0

Adjust Your Tracking - About people (guys) who still collect videotapes.  Mostly horror films.  Just enough history to keep you on your toes, but filled with wonderful and sometimes hilarious stories from the collectors themselves.

Stories We Tell - Sarah Polley  looks back at her mother around the year that she (Sarah) was born, and tries to find out if her dad is her real biological father.  Fascinating, thoughtful and compelling.  Never has a smile told so much.

And now I'll jump in with the blockbusters that were my my favorites of the year.

White House Down - Die Hard in the White House.  This was an action movie that knew exactly what it wanted to give the audience and made no apologies about it.  This was an infinitely better film than the last Die Hard movie.  the only thing against it (being derivative is not a knock on this film) is that the last 10 minutes are way too schmaltzy.

Pacific Rim - Giant Robots vs Giant Monsters directed by Guillermo del Toro.  Yay!

Furious 6 - These Fast and Furious movies just keep getting better.  Yes, this series adheres to its own line of physics and a mangling of the time/space continuum (yes, that was the world's longest airline runway, and I don't care), but the action is tremendous, The Rock was one of the best additions to a franchise - ever, and when I wasn't cheering at the screen (which really did happen), I got one of the most pleasant surprises ever, with an ending that was shocking and had not been ruined beforehand.  It was a great moviegoing experience.

More tomorrow (maybe even in the morning - we'll see how I feel)...

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