Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 686

Uggh.  I feel sick.  I wanted to write about the Two Door Cinema Club concert I went to last week.  It was great, by the way.  But it was filled with lots of people under the age of 21.  And at age 41, this is starting to get a little disconcerting.  Although, nothing still angers me like a 6 foot plus behemoth pushing his way in front of all us tiny people.  C'mon!  Genetics have obviously been kind to you, you don't have to be a jerk about it.  But the other thing about the young people there is something that happened that I don't plan on writing about (see, while that may be frustrating to the reader, I have some own limits to what I want people to read). But, needless to say, it was incredibly awkward, and while I found a strange workaround, it was still a surreal experience.

But the concert, and today have proven what I already know - I'm a coward.  Not in everything, but in certain things.  My mouth doesn't work the way I want it to many, many times.  I have a hard time letting my brain shut down sometimes, and that seems to be one of the biggest problems. My social anxiety can be a crippling thing, and while I hate it, telling me to "Get over it" or "Just do it" ain't helping.  It's really just something I live with.  And, at times, I'm fine with it.  I know what I can or can't do, and I just deal with it.

And, yes, this is a completely depressing post, but it's really just for myself (and possibly the seven followers I have on here), since I won't advertise this post on any social network.

 Oh, and this video is the main reason why I wanted to see the band in the first place.  My love of choreography and the bright colors make this massively addictive.

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