Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day 1122 - My own personal OCD when it comes to buying stuff

Wow.  It's been nearly a year since I last wrote on here.  Let's not dwell on that.

Let me write about how I choose what to watch and read using some current examples.

What I'm reading right now is "Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell.  I bought it based strictly off its cover by Noelle Stevenson.  I know of Noelle's work mostly as a writer of a comic book "LumberJanes" (which is a fun comic book).  It's a fairly minimalist cover, but it did its job perfectly on me, because when I first saw the book it made me pick it up, read the first few paragraphs, and recognize it as something that I'd probably enjoy.  I wasn't able to find it at the used bookstore over the last month, so I bought it new last week.  I'm still reading it (and liking it), but for a book that's being marketed as a young adult novel, it's disconcerting reading all the casual profanity.  Yes, yes, I realize I'm being a grumpy old man, but I don't think I'd be nearly as annoyed if I found the book in "literature" section as opposed to the "young adult" one.  But, hey, everyone should be happy, because I bought the book.  And, as always, I almost always judge an unknown book by its cover.

As for two other purchases I made today, here's how they came about.  Firstly, I bought Taking Care of Business on VHS starring Charles Grodin and James Belushi.  There is no doubt that this is a silly (possibly dumb) movie.  I last saw it in college, but for some reason I have been jonesing to watch it over the last two months.  It's entirely possible that it exists on Netflix, but since I don't have that, I'm forced to either see if it's on Hulu or YouTube if I want to see it for free.  It's not.  So I put out feelers with my contacts at The Exchange. They couldn't find a copy.  I could have bought it through Amazon, but that always seems lazy.  Thusly, I decided to see if BuyBacks had it in any format.  And they did.  Why did/do I want to re-watch this movie?  I haven't the foggiest idea.  But this is how I end up with a number of movies in my collection, because I search for things that tickle in my brain.

The other movie I picked up was The Fault in Our Stars, the teen tear-jerker.  I liked this movie, and I'm sure I would have picked it up at some point, but a few weeks ago, at the same BuyBacks, I saw a special edition Blu-Ray that had two versions of the movie on it, the regular one and an extended edition.  I passed on it, because I figured that I'd be able to find it cheaper somewhere while I did my Christmas shopping.  I was wrong.  Nobody had it.  It now became something that I might never see again.  I had to have it (if it was available).  I wasn't confident that it would still be around, but apparently nobody else has the same compulsions that I have, because it was still there.

The book, if all goes well, will probably be finished this week.  Taking Care of Business will probably be watched this week.  And who knows when I'll get around to re-watching The Fault in Our Stars.  But that's fine, because when I get that tickle to watch it, I'll have it.

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