Saturday, June 11, 2016

Day 1658 - Money, money, money (but more of a lack thereof)

Remember that ALS ice bucket challenge from a few years ago?  Well, I get to do that for the next few days as apparently my hot water is not working at all.  I went to clean the kitty litter this morning, and as I walked towards the box, my foot went "goosh"onto the little rug I have near there.  My hot water tank was leaking from the top, which meant that I had to change the fittings on the hot water tank, not the tank itself (thankfully).  Three hours and some jury-rigging later the leaking has stopped, but now the hot water isn't working.  Honestly, while it sucks, I'd rather have that than the excess water.  I have a  plumber coming Wednesday to see if we can get all this straightened out.  I just hope it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.

But all that just really caps the last couple of weeks of money suckage.  A few weeks ago I got a speeding ticket.  It was on a residential road, and it was from a state trooper.  Nope.  Not getting out of that one.  I sent in my 200 bucks, but apparently it arrived a day late, because I discovered a new type of fear (and a new experience) - that of having a warrant being served out for my arrest.  Thankfully that only lasted one day, but it's still disconcerting getting that notice in the mail. 

I feel like the worst movie fan in the world, because I've barely been to the theater to see anything.  I still haven't seen X-Men, and I feel like, no matter how bad it might be (and at least we know it's not going to be Superman vs Batman bad) it's a movie I really need to see in the theater.  And previous to the last few months, I might have gone on a non-discount day, but now there's very little chance of that.

The silver lining in all of this are a few things - I've been watching Friday Night Lights Season One and it's as good as everyone says it was.  I've been reading more comics than I have in a while (so much good stuff out there).  And I've actually gotten more sleep than I have in a while.  It's not a lot, but I'll take it.

It's weird.  I can really get down on myself sometimes, and with circumstances like these it would be easy to do that now.  But I'm doing okay.  Sure things could be better (when can they not?), but I guess I'll be okay.

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