Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 763 - Every day (The Wolf of Wall Street)

My New Year's Resolution was to write every day.  And if that day is ending at 3:15 in the morning, so be it.  I really should be getting to bed.  I have to work all day tomorrow, and I might have a poker game tomorrow night.  There's all sorts of reasons for me not to be on here.  But the simple fact is - I can sometimes be stubborn.  Instead of writing as soon as I got home I've been bouncin' around on these here interwebs for a few hours after getting back from seeing The Wolf of Wall Street (I love this later period of Scorsese films).  I would recommend it, but boy, this is not a film for the youngsters.  If Goodfellas was over-the-top in terms of violence and profanity, this one is over-the-top in terms of sex and profanity.  However, at three hours long, it's completely captivating.  DiCaprio creates a character that you absolutely cannot look away from.  I could write about the acting, the debauchery, the use of music in the film, and all of it would simply be there to try and convince you to go see it.  But I'm starting to pass out, and I've already edited most of the previous sentences in one way or another, and I think that's what this "exercise" is supposed to be about - becoming a better writer.  So, nothing long, but I feel like I've fulfilled my obligations.

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