Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 763 (Part 2)

I'm watching the Philadelphia Eagles play the New Orleans Saints, and I don't really care about the outcome, other than the fact that I have chosen the Saints to win in my fantasy football league.  So I have a tiny vested interest in the game, but all I really want is to be entertained.  I have so many movies and television shows that I could watch, but they require a modicum of attention, and after 9 hours of work, I don't have that much to give.  I'm not sure I would call it laziness, but there really isn't a lot of get-up-go tonight.

I've made this resolution that I would write every day.  I've been writing every Sunday for the last two months, so that day has been no problem.  (I've been writing about collecting baseball cards, growing up with baseball, and camp.)  But in order for me to do this for 365 days, I may have to come up with a daily theme, simply so I don't bore everyone reading this, or even myself. 

Obviously, I can write about every movie I see and every book I read.  But now I have to come up with things to write about on the days I don't do those two other things.  I suppose I could "diary" everything, but talking about the day at the comic shop or even Drug Mart would be pretty boring for most everyone.  And I'm not comfortable writing about private things.  I like having control over what information I give out.  But, hey, I gave myself this challenge.  Let's see if I can be creative.

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