Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 100 - Spoilers ahead (not really).

Nothing much in the way of pop culture today.  I watched last night's episode of The Walking Dead.  Actually, that's what I'm going to rant about.  Not the episode, itself, because that was pretty sweet.  No, I'm going to complain about people who have no filter.  Working at a comic shop has many, many advantages, not the least of which is having conversations with like-minded individuals.  Unfortunately, there's always a person (or two) who feels the need to let other people around him know how the movie or TV show turned out with no regard to anyone else.  Or, if they do have some sense of decorum, they fail so miserably at trying to keep plot points secret, that they give away the ending anyway.
I'm busy.  I have a life (you can laugh, because I'm laughing, too, at that one).  That's why we have VCR's and DVR players.  They exist for people like me who have no time(or even patience) to watch something live.  And because of certain circumstances, sometimes I'm not able to catch up on a show for a week or two or three.  I just want to be surprised.
And I realize the need to tell others about something awesome you've just seen (or heard or read) is ingrained in us at some level.   I would just rather people be more creative in their enthusiasm.
And I'm tired.  This is a stupid early bedtime, but what're you gonna do?

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