Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 99 - Ghost Rider (among other things)

In order to prep for Ghost Rider 2, my friends and I endured (and I mean endured) a viewing of Ghost Rider starring Nicholas Cage.  And it was awful. Like mind-numbingly bad.  I mean, it took 49 minutes for the title character to even make an appearance.  And this is a character who is a flaming skeleton in a leather jacket riding a motorcycle.  How do you mess that up?  Let me count the ways.  1. Nicholas Cage chooses to make Johnny Blaze a wuss.  He eats jellybeans out of a martini glass?  Really?  I longed for the Nicholas Cage of Bad Lieutenant.  Give me a gonzo performance.  It would at least make him more compelling as a character.  2. Eva Mendes plays the absolute worst television reporter in film history.  It's like she's never watched television in her life.  3.  The bad guys are completely ineffectual.  Three elemental demons are the most easily defeated bad guys in film history.  Random thugs in a James Bond movie stand a better chance at taking him out than these guys do.  4. Sam Elliott does nothing.  Nothing.  5.  The stunts are so poor, they remind me of a no-budget movie.
It's just bad.

I bought the new Christina Perri album, Lovestrong, because I really liked her song Jar of Hearts.  I'm listening to it in the car (not finished yet), but I'm digging it so far.  Jar of Hearts is still the highlight of the album (so far), but at least it's not a bad album.

And I rewatched Limitless tonight.  As I type this out, I'm actually relistening to The AfterShow Podcast of the film, and we get really in depth on why we liked it.  ( ) I still enjoyed it on the second viewing.  Bradley Cooper does a great job looking like a train wreck at the beginning of the film.

It was a good day, and I haven't even watched The Walking Dead yet.

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