Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 96 - Thursday TV

Survivor was on Thursday nights for many years.  So much so, that as a family event, we still watch it on Thursday nights.  And this weeks episode was insane.  And when I say that, usually it can be chalked up to hyperbole, but when a whole tribe that's won immunity *spoiler alert* gives up said immunity to actually go to tribal council and vote one of their own out,then that seems to be the actual definition of insane.  I'm not even going to get into the whole race/sexuality/power struggle thing that went on with the episode.  It simply made for compelling television.  And Lief lives another day.  I just want the little man to make it to the end.

Archer continues to be a wonderful distraction.  Every character is reprehensible, and yet I can't stop watching them, and even be sympathetic (at times).  And there are such few shows that can have two cyborgs have a massive battle with endless Robocop jokes.

Unsupervised, the unsung FX animated show, isn't the best or funniest show out there, but Joel and Gary (the two main characters) have such enthusiasm for life and school that it's hard not to like them.  Unfortunately, it doesn't have a ton of laughs.  Within the last couple of weeks, I bought Archer Season 2 and The League Season 2, and I've just about finished with rewatching Archer.  But, unless I see Unsupervised for 12 bucks or less, I don't see myself owning it (even if David Hornsby, one of the stars, was in The Joe Schmo Show - one of my most favorite things ever).

On my way back from volleyball tonight, I reached into the back seat of my car to grab a CD.  I ended up with Garbage 2.0.  I just really like that album, and I can't wait for their new one to be released this year.  Now, if we can just get Fiona Apple to release a new album...

Much more stream of consciousness tonight.  But at least I'm writing.  Cheers.

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