Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 1134 - Waking up to 50 degrees is not fun

Wednesday night I went to Carrabbas with my mom and my sister to celebrate my dad's victory in the "Survivor" pool this year.  He bailed because he was sick.  I ate a lot.  When I got home I prepped and readied myself to read a lot of comic books.  I had some chocolate covered pretzels (Christmas gift!), some pop (Squirt), and the new Echosmith album all good to go.  I lasted through the album before I put everything on the table next to me and just passed out on the couch.  If I go to bed that early, I'm never concerned that I won't wake up in time for work, because I usually wake up in the middle of the night and make my way to my bed.  Which is what I did, because I was hot even though I was under one blanket and I keep my house at a frosty 60 degrees.  I went up to my bedroom, set my alarm, and fell right to sleep.  At about 7AM I woke up, and my head felt cold.  Which was weird, because I normally sleep under three blankets.  I went downstairs to look at the thermostat, and it was reading 51 degrees.  Pretty cold.
It was pretty early, so I watched some YouTube videos in the hopes that they might give me the answers that I needed to take care of this inexpensively.  They did not help.  So I called my furnace guys, and they told me they'd call me back when both our schedules were ready.
I attempted other fixes as much as I could since I was working, and resigned myself to dressing warm until I got the furnace guys call.  But when I got home, the heat was on!  I called the furnace guys, told them all was well, and thanked them.  I went to volleyball that night (3-1 for the first game of the season), and came home to have some dinner and watch some TV.  I was in the basement relaxing when the furnace turned on, but didn't catch.  The same thing it had been doing all day.  At that point, I was in for the night.  I went to bed late, bundled up, and woke up (again) to a frosty 50 degrees.
My backup plan had been sick the day before, but today (still feeling under the weather) Ryan said he'd take a look at the furnace.  When he called me at 4:30 with bad news, I had to bite the bullet and call the furnace guys again.  Working around my schedule (with a lot of help from my friends), the furnace guy found the problem, and gave me a temporary fix.  He's supposed to come back on Saturday (fingers crossed) and give it the permanent fix.  As it is, I've spent a decent amount of money, but it's worth it because 1). It's really,  really cold out. and 2). The guy obviously knows what he's doing.
When he was done with hos work, I went back to the comic shop, finished the work I was doing there, and then spent some time catching up on the last five months worth of Avengers and New Avengers comics.  It was worth it.  It was also worth it to come home to a comfortable house.  I just hope tomorrow is the end of it.  It's too cold for messing around.

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